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CFAR Adelante Program


Application Deadline: May 25 2017 at 5:00pm

CFAR Adelante Program

Funding Opportunity Purpose

Hispanic/Latino populations in the United States currently bear an outsize burden of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Adelante means forward/onward in Spanish and the goal of the CFAR Adelante program is to decrease HIV-related health disparities in the Hispanic/Latino community by promoting the mentored development of new investigators who are focusing on this goal.

To accomplish this, the Centers for AIDS Research (CFARs) will fund three person CFAR Adelante teams to conduct two-year mentored Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) projects. A CFAR Adelante team consists of an early career University-based faculty member (PI; Scholar), a staff member from a Community-based organization serving Latino/Hispanic populations (Collaborating Partner), and a CFAR-affiliated senior faculty member (CFAR Mentor).

The CFAR Mentor and Collaborating Partner will be responsible for helping Scholars develop and apply culturally responsive HIV/AIDS research skills that will be used to expand HIV-related knowledge and disseminate information through organizations and institutions that work with Latino/Hispanic populations.

CFAR Adelante projects are single Principal Investigator (PI) awards, with the CFAR Adelante team’s Scholar serving as PI. CFAR Adelante projects are funded for a two-year period that includes mentored training during a research preparation period of approximately 4 months followed by a mentored research implementation period of approximately 20 months. The CFAR Adelante program is administered through the Emory University and DC CFARs.

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