2023 NIH CFAR Administrative Supplement

NIAID invites supplemental applications from currently funded CFARs to the areas of interest listed below.
EHE Topics

  1. Formative, intervention, and implementation research to explore delivery of long-acting PrEP in populations who may benefit
  2. HIV and co-morbidities: Identification of mechanisms and strategies for optimal care that also reduce disparities
  3. Community-led research topic
  • Supplement awards are for 1 year with maximum funding per application of up to $150,000 Direct Costs, not including third party indirect costs. Please check the supplement announcement for specifics.
  • The CFAR may not fund studies involving new drugs, treatments, or devices, or off-label use of a licensed drug (this includes healthy volunteer studies where drugs are administered).
  • The CFAR may not fund clinical trials, such as studies that include prospective assignment to one or more intervention to evaluate the effects of those interventions on health-related biomedical or behavioral outcomes of the participants. Use this NIH TOOL to make a quick determination of a Clinical Trial.
  • Studies involving human subjects may be subject to additional NIH review prior to initiating the study, which may cause delays. Similarly, for studies with any foreign component, additional NIH review and approval is required prior to the initiation of any study procedures. More information can be found on our website.

Please see the Supplement Announcement for full details on the areas of interest. 

We are only allowed to submit a limited number of supplement applications, so please send a one page Letter of Intent (LOI) to CFAR@jhmi.edu no later than  9:00am March 15th, 2023. The LOI is used to choose the projects that we will be submitting, so please "sell" your study! The CFAR Developmental Core and Executive Committee will select projects to be developed into a full proposal for submission to the NIH.

The LOI should include:

  • Application title
  • List of investigators
  • EHE topic area
  • Aim(s)/Objective(s)
  • Summary of rationale and approach

The CFAR Grant Development and Implementation Toolkit is available online. It is a great resource that is designed to assist in the completion of HIV related grant submissions and to support the implementation of awarded grants.

Our Cores and Scientific Working Groups are also available to assist with your proposal.

Any questions about the awards or the application process can be directed to cfar@jhmi.edu.