AYA SWG Presentations and Publications


Published Online: October 07, 2020: From HIV to COVID-19: Focusing on and Engaging Adolescents and Young Adults During the Pandemic

Published online, April 8, 2021: Stephanie M. DeLong on National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day


November 8, 2021


AYA SWG International Subgroup Presentations:
Stephanie M. DeLong, PhD, MPH
Postdoctoral fellow
Department of Epidemiology
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Work in Progress: “Peer social support groups and HIV viral load suppression among HIV positive adolescents in North Johannesburg area, South Africa”

Kalai Willis, MSPH
Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health
Work in Progress: “The relationship between psychological violence and viral load failure among HIV-positive adolescents and young adults in Ndola, Zambia: a GSEM analysis”

Adolescent and Young Adult Scientific Working Group Presents Updates from the PUSH Study:
Stephen Bonett, PhD, RN
Postdoctoral Fellow, School of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania 
Associate Fellow, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, University of Pennsylvania
Affiliate Trainee, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia PolicyLab
“Characterizing the PrEP Continuum for Black and Latinx Sexual and Gender Minority Youth”

Jen Makrides, MD, MA, MHS
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Division of Adolescent and Young Adult Health
“’Being Out’: Does Sexual Orientation Disclosure to a Healthcare Provider Impact Receipt of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Youth Assigned Female Sex at Birth?”

Aubrey Alvarenga, BS, AA
MPH Student, Class of ‘23
JHSPH, Sexual Health Educator
Research Program Coordinator
SOM, Center for Adolescent and Young Adult Health

A. Xander Lopez
Patient Resource Navigator
The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

April 30, 2021: AYA SWG Spring Symposium

March 11, 2019: AYA SWG Seminar

Speakers: Thanyawee Puthanakit, MD; Andrea Wirtz, PhD; Chris Beyrer, MD; Renata Arrington Sanders, MD, MPH, ScM; Imani Cole-Robinson