JHU CFAR Specific Aims

1. To enhance the integration and productivity of JHU HIV/AIDS research by promoting inter-disciplinary innovation and collaboration for creating synergy and efficiencies across disciplines and university divisions and partner institutions, including the mid-Atlantic CFAR Consortium. The CFAR Cores and Scientific Working Groups have multidisciplinary leadership that foster interaction and collaboration among new and experienced investigators.

2. To provide mentoring, support, and pilot funding for the next generation of HIV/AIDS researchers, with a commitment to bringing underrepresented minorities and investigators in developing countries into the field through mentoring and developmental grants leading to independent research careers. With support from the President and Provost of JHU, we will increase the pipeline of new investigators from underrepresented groups by providing research training and mentoring in basic, clinical, and community settings to undergraduate and graduate students through our Baltimore HIV Scholars and Generation Tomorrow programs.

3. To support HIV/AIDS researchers with direct services to assist with recruitment of clinical research participants, performance of laboratory assays, design and analysis of research studies, and training in research methodologies. Our Cores assist dozens of NIH-funded and other investigators with direct services, in-kind assistance, access to populations, specimens, and data, and assistance with research design, execution, and analysis.

4. To mobilize and coordinate capacity from across JHU to combat the HIV epidemic in Baltimore through engagement, training, outreach, and evaluation of community-based intervention studies. Our Plan Baltimore 2020 initiative mobilizes capacity and resources to collaborate with the City, State and community in developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies and interventions to reduce the spread of HIV in key populations, support diagnosis, referral, treatment, and retention of HIV-infected individuals across the care continuum. This initiative will leverage and extend the commitments JHU has made to achieving social justice and reducing health disparities in Baltimore through coordinated and concerted actions.

  • Training, supporting, mentoring new investigators
    • Junior investigators and those not in HIV
  • Addressing the Baltimore Epidemic
  • Strengthening international collaborations and expanding junior investigator access to international research opportunities