Community Participatory Advisory Board

The Community Participatory Advisory Board (CPAB) is comprised of 15 local stakeholders from a cross-section of community-based organizations, advocates, academic institutions, public health institutions in addition to state and local health department representatives. Its mission is to provide community input to the CFAR Baltimore HIV Collaboratory’s agenda and initiatives. Recommendations and concerns raised by the CPAB are shared with the CFAR’s external Scientific Advisory Board convened by the Administration Core. CPAB members have strong ties and most importantly work directly in the community. The CPAB meets quarterly to discuss pending issues.

The CPAB is charged with the following:

  • Provide CFAR feedback to projects and proposals, as requested
  • Raise issues of relevance to the community as they relate to HIV prevention and treatment
  • Advise on the Bridging the Gap Symposium(CPAB Chair lead)
  • Assist in the development of community dissemination and outreach strategies for research findings related to HIV prevention, care and treatment with patients, clinicians, caregivers, HIV/AIDS service providers & interested persons in the community

The CPAB accepts and reviews new member applications once a year. New members are accepted based on the number of funded vacant slots and areas of expertise sought by the CFAR Baltimore HIV Collaboratory. Vacancies are updated periodically on the CFAR website. We especially encourage applications from individuals living with HIV. 

Current Board Members





Dr. Janice Bowie

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Associate Professor

Dr. Patrick Chaulk

Baltimore City Health Department

Assistant Commissioner

Erin Donovan

Hope Springs

Executive Director

Colin Flynn

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Branch Chief

Michael Franklin

University of Maryland STAR TRACK

Program Director

Rev. Deborah Hickman

Sisters Together and Reaching

Executive Director

Dinah Lewis

Baltimore Student Harm Reduction Coalition


Carolyn Massey

Older Women Embracing Life

Executive Director

Carolyn Nana-Good


Community Member

Carlton Smith

Baltimore Black Pride

Executive Director

Margaret Flanagan Health Care for the Homeless Vice President

Baltimore HIV Collaboratory University Advisory Committee




Dr. Robert Blum

Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute

Director / Professor

Dr. Chiquita Collins

Johns Hopkins University School of Medcine

Associate Dean

Ms. Wendy Davis

CFAR Prevention Core

Senior Program Manager

Dr. Lois Eldred

CFAR Clinical Core

Research Associate

Ms. Anne Efron

CFAR Administrator / Developmental Core

Project Administrator

Dr. Bryan Lau

CFAR Biostatistics and Epidemiology Methodology Core

Assistant Professor

Ms. Marines Terreforte

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Community Organizer