Community Participatory Advisory Board

The Community Participatory Advisory Board (CPAB) is comprised of local stakeholders from a cross-section of community-based organizations, advocates, academic institutions, public health institutions in addition to state and local health department representatives. Its mission is to provide community input to the CFAR Baltimore HIV Collaboratory’s agenda and initiatives. Recommendations and concerns raised by the CPAB are shared with the CFAR’s external Scientific Advisory Board convened by the Administration Core. CPAB members have strong ties and most importantly work directly in the community. The CPAB meets monthly to discuss pending issues.

The CPAB is charged with the following:

  • Promote community linkages between Johns Hopkins researchers with HIV focused NGOs, the Baltimore City Health Department, and people affected with HIV/AIDS through the creation of forums to exchange data, information, and resources. 

  • Identify, recruit, and train under-represented minority undergraduates, graduate students, fellows, and junior faculty in community-based HIV/AIDS research in Baltimore. 

  • Facilitate the development of research skills among Baltimore-based, HIV-focused nonprofit organizations, as well as develop and expand research collaborations between JHU, nonprofits, and the Baltimore City Health Department. 


Current Board Members







Colin Flynn

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Branch Chief

Rev. Deborah Hickman

Sisters Together and Reaching

Executive Director
  Tiffany Edwards Baltimore Transgender Alliance Vice Chair and Cofounder 
  Dr. Adena Greenbaum Baltimore City Health Department Assistant Commissioner, Infectious Diseases-Clinical
  Dr. Victoria Cargill Baltimore City Health Department Assistant Commissioner of Health
  Genevieve Barrow Baltimore City Health Department Senior Compliance Monitoring Specialist
  Marcus Henry MD Pride Center Executive Director
  Keith Holt Baltimore Ballroom Coalition House Leader

  Lonnie Walker J.O.Y. Baltimore Executive Director

  Dennis Rivera Maryland Department of Health Deputy Director, Infectious Disease Prevention and Health Services Bureau
  Yalanda Davis  


  Hakeem Benson   Community Representative
  Patrick Chaulk   Health Professional (HIV Care)
  Carlos Osorio   Community Representative