CFAR Small Grants Program

Johns Hopkins University Center for AIDS Research Small Grants Program

The purpose of the small grants program is to offer financial assistance for HIV/AIDS research outside of our usual award mechanisms, on an ongoing basis.

Funds are to be used to:

  • Collect or analyze data/specimens to inform a research application (new or under revision for re-submission)
  • Provide incentives to enhance/expand enrollment
  • Provide salary support for staff or a student to expand or add an aim to an existing protocol.
  • Extend currently funded research (i.e. expand analysis, enlarge scope)
  • Overcome an obstacle to currently funded research or application (i.e. Advertising, Grant writer)
  • Test the feasibility of an idea (acceptability of intervention, recruitment method, etc.)
  • Preliminary Projects (Focus groups, qualitative interviews, survey)
  • Manuscript preparation
  • Other needs? Just ask.



  • Any CFAR member who meets the NIH definition of “Early Stage Investigator
    • Senior faculty will be considered on an exceptional ad hoc basis
  • Any Hopkins faculty member or post-doc conducting HIV/AIDS research
  • This program provides reimbursement or direct purchases of up to $10,000 per approved request.


Application Submission:
Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Anne Efron, before beginning the application process, in order to discuss the fit of your request with the CFAR goals for the Small Grants Program.
The application package should include the following:

  • A completed “Small Grants” request form
  • A copy of the applicant’s NIH biosketch


Projects that require institutional approvals (e.g. IRB, IACUC) must have copies of those approvals on file with the Developmental Core before funds will be released.

Rolling. Submissions will be circulated for review by the CFAR Developmental Core and other invited reviewers and a decision made within 4 weeks of application.

Complete an application package HERE