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Virological markers of HIV disease progression and regression

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Joan Dragavon



A wide variety of virological markers for HIV disease and progression are available through this Core.

◦HIV-1/2 serological diagnosis (including de-tuned HIV-1 EIA)

◦HIV-1 quantitative and qualitative microculture

◦HIV-1 RNA quantification (RT-PCR and real-time PCR)

◦HIV-1 p24 antigen quantification

◦HIV-1 total viral DNA and unintegrated 2-LTR episomal DNA quantification by real-time PCR

◦HIV-1 phenotyping (MT-2 and drug susceptibility)

◦Access to HIV-1 sequencing

◦Access to other routine clinical virological assays

◦Oral tissue model for evaluating microbicides