Prevention Core

Why are we here?

The major goals of the Prevention Core of the Johns Hopkins University’s CFAR are to establish a culture that values and supports:

  • mentoring of junior faculty for career development and research opportunities
  • training in state of the art technologies and methodologies related to prevention generally, including populations at higher risk of exposure 
  • collaboration across disciplines
  • supporting local organizations in ending the epidemic

and provides a structure that facilitates this culture.

How can we help you?

  • Resources
    • JHU CFAR Grant Development and Implementation Toolkit

      This JHU CFAR sponsored resource, a grant development “toolkit”, is designed to assist in the completion of HIV related grant submissions and to support the implementation of awarded grants. The Toolkit is divided into three sections, question formulation, grant preparation and grant implementation. These sections are designed to support investigators as they craft a research question, pull together and submit a grant and, if successful in their submission, work to meet their study’s goals and objectives in a timely and effective manner. If you have resources you would like included in the Toolkit, please contact Greg Roson ( 

      Investigators are encouraged to access existing CFAR services, such as our Specific Aims Lightning Round and Internal Scientific Review, as well as the K Club. The CFAR strives to provide added value to the HIV research community at Johns Hopkins. Please remember to acknowledge the CFAR (P30AI094189) on all publications and presentations that result from research projects for which you have received funding, services, resources or mentorship through the JHU CFAR

Remember to acknowledge the CFAR in your publications, abstracts, grant proposals, and presentations
Continued funding from NIH for the JHU CFAR depends on evidence that we are providing added value to HIV research being done at Johns Hopkins.

If you receive any kind of support from the CFAR, please include an acknowledgement in your publications, presentations, etc. by using the citation examples available here.

If any of the support was for Prevention-specific topics and you have published, presented or submitted a proposal, please send a link to Greg Roson (  so that we can track and publicize HIV research at JHU.