Implementation Science Interest Group


Join us for monthly meetings held on the second Thursday of the month at 12 noon EST. To be added to this list, email

Our Mission:

The mission of the JHU CFAR’s Implementation Science Interest Group (ISIG) is to support implementation science training and skill acquisition, and to facilitate the practical application of implementation science for JHU HIV researchers.  We aim to have a broad impact on conceptualization and innovation in implementation science training, methodologies and scholarship at JHU and in the implementation science research and practice community more broadly. We intend to accomplish these goals through 1) resource development including grant review, targeted events, monthly meetings to foster knowledge sharing and on-line repositories and libraries, and 2) promoting inter, intra and extra CFAR and JHU networking, collaboration and synergies.   


The JHU CFAR ISIG has evolved from the CFAR Implementation Science Working Group which was previously led by Dr. Stefan Baral, Dr. Melissa-Davey Rothwell and Dr. Larry Chang. The ISIG continues to bring together a community of HIV researchers committed to conducting, advancing and/or newly engaging in implementation science research in the US and globally.

Who we are and what we do:

The group is open to investigators across the JHU CFAR and to the surrounding community, and endeavors to engage local community stakeholders and Health Departments in our work to foster meaningful collaborations and sustainable initiatives. Our faculty represent individuals across career stages. In addition to monthly open meeting held on the second Thursday of every month at 12 noon EST, we organize one-off events, an inter-CFAR Implementation Science Fellowship for early stage investigators, and will serve as one of five regional implementation science consultation hubs for the Ending the HIV Epidemic. We endeavor to increase knowledge of best practices and evolving methodologies across CFAR investigators. If interested in learning more or joining our mailing list and/or monthly meetings, please email or request join our Hopkins ISIG Teams site.