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CFAR Budget Seminar

CFAR Budget Seminar

Posted on March 23, 2015

Speaker(s): Alex Galea, Rick Inglis, Tom Burns, April Hawkins, Maria Wawer

What you need to know:
• What does ORA review in budget and justification
• Allowable/unallowable costs
• Appropriate charges (direct & indirect) and OMB Uniform Guidance
• Principles of budgeting and preparing budgets for commercial agreements and how they can differ from NIH type budgeting
• The value of budget planning as a PI

Our Experts:
Alex Galea
Assistant Director of Research Administration, Sponsored Projects for the School of Medicine

Rick Inglis
Assistant Director of Sponsored Projects, Financial Research compliance

Tom Burns
Associate Director, ORA for the School of Medicine

April Hawkins
Research Service Manager at Bloomberg School of Public Health

Maria Wawer, MD, MHSC
Professor, Bloomberg School of Public Health